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Business Plans & Financial Projections

The value of a professionally-structured business plan is incalculable. An effective plan needs to be well researched, make a coherent commercial case, and be underpinned by thorough financial forecasts.

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Business Ideas

Set up your business in the United Kingdom and we will provide you information about Business Opportunities, Ideas and Suggestions such as Business Buy/Sell, Franchise, Government Policies and Initiatives.

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Business Registrations Licences, Permissions..

All businesses in the UK and overseas companies with a branch or place of business in the UK, need to be registered with the Authorities. If you are looking to register a business, we can take you through the complete process.

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What's Your Passion..?

Conus Consulting UK has an established reputation for providing thorough and competitive Business Ideas, Registration, Business Planning and Development Services. We exist to promote Enterprise & Entrepreneurship in the UK and beyond. From Start-up and Growth to Go Global.. Conus Consulting UK is passionate to take you A Bit Further and A Bit Higher..