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Business Plans & Financial Projections

Conus Consulting UK prepares Business Plans and construct Financial Projections to meet the requirements of the clients, authorities and the addressees.

Visually Understandable

To make them understandable for our clients, Business Plans & Financial Projections that we prepare are of high-end quality, with colours, images, fonts, charts and graphs. This makes our work visually understandable. 


Professional work covering almost all relevant aspects relevant to the Business including Market Research, Competitors Analysis, Exit Strategy, Risk Analysis, Business Continuity Planning, Market, SWOT, Staffing, Premises and Location, Need Analysis, Market Penetration, Pricing, Sales, Customers, and more. 

Supporting Workings 

For the financial projections, we provide extensive and detailed underlying workings to support the figures estimated.

36 Months

Financial Projections come with 3 Years Projections covering 36 Months.


Consumer Credit Licence, setting up Solicitors Firm, UK Immigration Firm, Travel Agency, Funding, Investment, Due Diligence, Staff Training, Bidding, UK Visa, Property Lease, more..


For UK Visa & Immigration, Financial Conduct Authority, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, Law Society, IATA, others. 

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