Business Plans & Financial Projections

A living route-map..

The value of a professionally-structured business plan is incalculable. An effective plan needs to be well researched, make a coherent commercial case, and be underpinned by thorough financial forecasts.

Most prospective entrepreneurs will have neither the time nor expertise to develop their own business plans, which is where Conus Consulting comes to the fore. We are practised at fulfilling both advisory and commercial roles for a wide range of businesses across industry sectors, within the UK and internationally. It is this experience which provides us with the contextual framework to deliver authoritative, reliable business planning.

Our comprehensive business plans cover the key stages of business development, from viability studies, to start up, and on to SME growth and development.

We are experienced in creating bespoke business plans and financial projections tailored to your needs. Our modelling is detailed and comprehensive, polished, professional and delivered to schedule. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that, once completed, you have total ownership of your business plan.

All of our business plans and financial projections comply with the demands of regulatory authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority, Solicitors Regulation Authority, OISC and UK Immigration. They are also tailored to meet the strict criteria set by banks, financing agencies, lenders, venture capitalists, investors, contractors and property portfolio managers.


What's included in our Business Plans?


For UK immigration, tier 1 entrepreneur, tier 1 graduate entrepreneur, sole representative, we provide:

•    Executive summary,
•    Vision, mission, objective, Values
•    Products & services
•    Business model
•    Financial forecasts
•    USP/ key success factor
•    Market research
•    SWOT
•    Operations & logistics, pricing strategy, marketing strategy
•    Risk analysis
•    Business continuity planning, exit strategy
•    Graphs, tables, charts

For OISC, we provide
•    Service organisation
•    Environment (core values)
•    Decision-making structure
•    Key objectives
•    Financial aims within first/second/third financial year
•    Financial management
•    Job descriptions
•    Induction programme
•    SWOT
•    Market research

For Care Agencies, we provide:
•    Business and management
•    Registration
•    Legal structure
•    Owners
•    Vision, mission, objectives, values
•    Operations (care, quality assurance)
•    Financing

For Financial Conduct Authority Consumer Credit Licence, we provide:
•    Sales channels/customer sourcing
•    Marketing/distance marketing
•    Business risk assessment, internal and external
•    Responsible client practice
•    Outsourcing

For Franchises, we provide:
•    Business and owners
•    Missions, values and objectives
•    Pricing
•    Strategy and implementation
•    Financials
•    Market/competition

Business Planning & Financial Projections -

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